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What kind of pet are you looking to adopt? And why?
Living Conditions:
If Renting, does your landlord permit pets?
Landlord's Name/Number
What type of Housing do you reside?:
Household Makeup: # of Adults: # of Children: Age of children:
Does anyone in the household have allergies to dogs or cats?:
Place of employment and years there:
Do you currently have any pets, and what kind?
Are they spayed/neutered:
Which family member will have the major responsibility for caring for your new pet?
Approximately how many hours a day will your pet be left alone?
Where will your pet spend the majority of its time?
Is this pet a gift for someone else?
For Cats, do you plan to let it outdoors?
For Cats, do you plan to declaw?
What types/breeds have you previously owned?
Provide the names of those pets:
What has happened to them?
Have you ever given away, rehomed, or surrendered a pet? If so, why?
Do your pets go to the Veterinarian for routine exams and care?:
What veterinarians have your pets been to? (Name, City, Phone #)
Please list two personal references with phone numbers:
NJ state law requires dogs to be licensed in the town they live in. Are you prepared to license your new dog, or cat if your town requires it?
Do you agree to return your adopted pet if for any reason you are unable to keep it?
We recommend you take your new pet for a veterinary exam within 7 days of adoption.
Do you agree to provide any necessary medical treatment at your own expense?
Do you authorize your Veterinarian to release my pet's information to the Parsippany Animal Shelter in order for them to process my adoption application.

By typing your name, you acknowledge that all the information in this form is accurate and complete.
The purpose of this application is to place the pet in the best suitable home. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

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